Successful Business Transition

This 2013 article in Forbes states that fewer than 1/3 of family businesses successfully transition from the first generation to the second, and 50% more fail when transitioning from the 2nd to the 3rd generation.

Unfortunately, this fact is due to a lack of planning for the most part. A small business is part of the family, and it is difficult to not treat it as another child. There are many fears attached to letting a business go and transitioning out when it has been a significant component of your life. Some of the typical fears are:

1. What if my business folds?
2. What will I do after I am out?
3. What if my children can't keep it up or don't want it?
4. What will happen to the families that have worked hard alongside me?
5. How can I really get out when I am so integral to the business?

These are great questions, and they need to be answered by putting together a comprehensive plan around strategy and exit. The business must be prepared through taking the owner's heart and soul and building a foundation that captures these key entities. Finally, the right people and processes must be in place to ensure the business thrives, not just survives.

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